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Cooperative Education / Internship Program

    The Cooperative Education and Internship Program combines academic studies with practical, on-the-job experience enabling students from a variety of majors to apply theories and skills learned in the classroom to real work situations.  For employers, it provides numerous cost-saving and staffing benefits, as well the opportunity to support their communities and influence the educational process.
    The Cooperative Education / Internship program can be part of a student's curriculum and counts as an academic course.  For a position to qualify, the position must provide a learning experience that is directly related to the student's major and provide a supervisor to act as a mentor and liaison between the employer and the college faculty advisor. 
    All placements are concurrent with academic semesters.

    The Programs

    The Cooperative Education Program  

    An employer offers a co-op student a salary consistent with the company's practices and policies.
    Please click on the major name for more information about the program curriculum.
    The majors offering Cooperative Education: 

     The Internship Program:


    To hire a co-op or internship student:
    Employers work with the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education and student faculty advisors to ensure that co-op/internship opportunities are mutually beneficial.  To participate, send us an email with the job information (review basic guidelines here), or call us at 973-328-5245.  

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