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Post a Job Opportunity

Our new job posting system, JobConnect, has been launched!

  1. Use the login link above and then Click here to register.
  2. Check to see if your company is already listed - Enter any part of your company name* in the search field.
    • If your company name and location appears, click on it, click Continue, and you can link your contact information to the employer without having to re-enter the information.
    • If your company does not appear. Click “Can’t find your organization” and complete your company profile. 
  3. Create an account for yourself for future visits.
How it Works
After an employer submits a job description, it appears in our employment website which students and graduates access with a password.  Positions remain active for 30 days. There are two employment listings sites - one for current students and one for alumni.  Jobs will be posted to either or both based on the job description and degree requirements.
Our New System

If you have posted employment opportunities with us before, you will find a number of new options:
  • Posting new jobs will be faster and easier with company and contact profiles in place. (You will no longer have to re-enter this information for each job.)
  • When you identify a “Job Category,” students who have expressed an interest in that category will get a notification about your opportunity.
  • Choose contact options and set preferences for your advertisement.
  • “Opt-in” to the Company Directory, even if you don’t have a current job posting.
  • Send “confidential” notes about a posting to the Career Services staff; candidates will not be able to view these comments.
  • Revisit your postings at any time to edit, cancel, or renew.

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