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Department of Engineering Technologies and Engineering Science

At County College of Morris, the ETES department oversees programs that merge theory, application and design forming a foundation for careers in areas such as aviation, engineering, drafting, fire service and telecommunication/computer networking. All of these programs are career oriented and can be completed in as little as a year in the case the Certificate program in CAD (Computer-Aided-Drafting) or can serve as the stepping stone for transfer to a four-year institution in the case of the Associates in Science for Engineering Science major. The programs that fall under the responsibility of the ETES department are:

More detailed information about the above listed programs can be found on the college’s website or in the college catalog. In addition, the department oversees the course offerings in Physics (PHY designation) and Science (SCI designation). These courses cover topics in Physics, Meteorology and Astronomy.
The department is staffed by dedicated individuals who are here to see that students gain the necessary knowledge and the skill set needed to succeed in their future endeavors, whether that path leads them to a career upon graduation or continuation of their studies at a four-year institution. The machine shop and laboratories within the department are well equipped.

All of the Associates in Applied Science programs provide opportunities to transfer to four-year institutions. Besides the degree program offerings the ETES department also offers career certificates to meet the needs of those individuals who may need training or updating in specific skill areas. These include: Advanced Mechanical AnalysisAssembly and Testing, Engineering TechnologyMechanical CAD, Digital Technology, Basic Electronics, Advanced ElectronicsBasic Telecommunications Fundamentals, Systems Networking and Routing (Cisco CCNA). Please contact the Department for more information.

We look forward to helping you connect learning and life,

Professor Venancio L. Fuentes, Chairperson
Department of Engineering Technologies/Engineering Science


Kristine Westenberger

Alumni Spotlight

Kristine Westenberger
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Class of 1988