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Welcome to the Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts Department

First, let us tell you about our Hospitality Management Programs…
Introducing our newest degree – Culinary Arts and Science, Associate in Applied Science – for more information see link on the left.
Hospitality Management is the academic study of the hospitality industry. Our degrees in Hospitality management are conferred after completing the coursework within the Business Department and General Education requirements. Our offerings include; Hospitality Management, Restaurant and Culinary Management (NRAEF ManageFirst), Culinary Arts Certificate and Restaurant Management and Event Planning Certificate (NRAEF ManageFirst). The ManageFirst program on which our Restaurant Courses are built is a certification program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Other Hospitality management courses within our program provide a focus on management of hospitality operations. These studies may eventually take you into fields such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs, and related industries.

Career Opportunities
During the past twenty years, the world has experienced phenomenal growth in the realm of hospitality. The need for well-trained managers in this vast and diverse field has never been greater. In response to this growth, CCM strives to prepare hospitality professionals for the 21st Century. Tourism in New Jersey has reached 38 billion dollars in revenue. This revenue directly and indirectly supported 466,442 jobs and 16 billion dollars of wages in New Jersey, as reported at the New Jersey Travel Association’s Governor’s Conference on Tourism. Successful corporations actively recruit Hospitality graduates because they represent an excellent investment. Their credentials rest upon a strong foundation of business studies and they possess both technical skills and practical experience in the Hospitality Industry.

Transfer Opportunities
Transfer opportunities are available for students who wish to complete a more advanced degree in Hospitality Management or other studies. Upon completion of the associate degree, you may elect to transfer to a four-year institution to further your education. Some of our students complete their studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University and other four-year institutions. Check with Academic Advisors in order to further discuss articulations and transfer opportunities.
On Campus Teaching Facility

The Teaching Kitchen and Dining Room for the Hospitality Program at CCM is one of the best in the area. It features individual stations for separate groups of students and offers a multitude of different “state-of-the-art” learning experiences. In addition, students gain practical hands-on dining room, food and beverage management and service experience in the dining room and attached demonstration area.

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Meredith White

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Meredith White
Major: Hospitality Management

Class of 1998

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Mark Cosgrove
Chair of Hospitality Management
and Culinary Arts Department
Office: SCC 241A (Teaching Kitchen)