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John M. Berger


John M. BergerName:
Dr. John M. Berger
Academic Rank: Professor
Department: Biology and Chemistry
Division: Health and Natural Sciences
Hired: 9/2008
Education: Stevens Institute of Technology, BS Chemistry, Exchange with University of Dundee, Dundee Scotland
  • Stevens Institute of Technology, MS Chemistry
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, PhD Chemistry
Major Interests: Organic chemistry; natural products; drug interaction mechanisms; biological assays; chemical instrumentation.

Research Experiences: Camille and Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Chemistry (Columbia University)

Industrial Experience: Academic liaison with Regenesis LLC’s joint business venture with Montclair University to formulate skin care products; Quality Assurance Manager, Xechem, Inc.
Awards: American Society of Pharmacognosy Research Starter Award, D. John Faulkner Travel Award (ASP)

Publications: 13 publications including 2 book chapters, a patent (American, French, and International versions), and 11 journal articles. A selection follows:
  • “A Sensitive Coupled HPLC/Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Assay for SPM-1 Metallo-b-Lactamase Inhibitors” Assay and Drug Development Technologies 2009, 7,170-179.
  • “Bakuchiol, an Antibacterial Component of Psoralidium tenuiflorum” Natural Product Research 2009, 23, 781-788.
  • “Radical Quenching of 1,1-Diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl: a Spectrometric Determination of Antioxidant Behavior” Journal of Chemical Education, 2008, 3, 408-411.
  • “The Effect of Ultraviolet-Depleted Light on the Flavonol Contents of the Cactus Species Opuntia wilcoxii and Opuntia violacea”. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 2007, 4, 1525-1532.
  • “B-Hematin Polymerization Inhibition of Plant Extracts” Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2006, 3, 125-130.
  • “Method for isolating trilactones (gingkolides, bilobalide) from leaves and pharmaceutical powders of Ginkgo biloba” PCT Int. Appl. Patent No. WO 2003006040 Date 20030123
  • “Biodiversity Conservation, Economic Development, and Drug Discovery in Suriname” Biologically Active Natural Products (Cutler, S. and Cutler, H. Eds.) CRC Press, 2000, 39-60.
Theses: “Isolation, Characterization, and Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products from Rainforest Flora.” (PhD, VPI&SU, 2001)
“Conformational Analysis of Penicillin G in Aqueous Solution via Molecular Modeling and NMR.” (MS, SIT, 1992)