Kenneth Shouler


Kenneth ShoulerName:
Kenneth A. Shouler
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Department: English and Philosophy
Division: Liberal Arts
Education: BA St. Bonaventure University; Ph.D., City University of New York Graduate Center

Dr. Kenneth Shouler’s primary professional interests are philosophy and writing non-fiction. “Both involve the pursuit of truth,” he explains.

Shouler is an associate professor of philosophy at County College of Morris (CCM). Before coming to CCM, he taught at several colleges in New York City, while earning his doctoral degree at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His longtime preoccupation with ethical theory and its applications led him to write a doctoral dissertation titled “Are There Moral Obligations to Oneself?”
He enjoys teaching Logic, Ethics, Honors Philosophy, and Introduction to Philosophy. Also, in 2013, Shouler began “The Writing Institute” at the college to discuss mass-market and academic writing and assist faculty and staff in getting their work published. He runs this workshop four times a semester during college hour at the Center for Teaching Excellence office at CCM.

He self-published his first book in 1996 when he couldn’t find a mass-market publisher to back it. He took a risk, incorporating as “AllSport Books” and printing 3,000 copies of The Experts Pick Basketball’s Best 50 Players in the Last 50 Years to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the NBA. He has written 11 books in all, including The Everything Guide to Understanding Philosophy. He is currently completing a 12th, Thinking About Death. His other books – in areas as diverse as business and politics, religion and biography – include Total Basketball: The Ultimate Basketball Encyclopedia, and The Real 100 Best Baseball Players of All-Time and Why.
His writing appears regularly in the lifestyle magazine Cigar Aficionado (and at and in Philosophy Now,, Metaphilosophy, and in several other places. He is also proud to have written the Page-A-Day Baseball Trivia Calendar for Workman Publishing (New York) since 2009. His books and some articles are displayed on his site at

In 2010 he introduced a new course, The Philosophy of Sport. He has also lectured at the Center for Teaching Excellence on “Writing to Sell” and “Cheating in Sports.”
He enjoys writing, talking philosophy formally and informally, talking sports with family, friends and colleagues, shooting straight pool, playing basketball, having a cigar and seeking time to relax.