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James Hart

Name: James Hart
Title: Instructor
Department: Languages & ESL, Division of Liberal Arts
Hired: 2008
Education: B.A., American University, Washington, D.C.,
M.A., Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

Mr. Hart’s career in languages and linguistics started in 2001 when he was hired as a summer ESL instructor for the ASPECT program at Manhattan College in the Bronx. Mr. Hart has also taught at the Berlitz Language School and TASIS, a private American School on the outskirts of London. In addition to education, Mr. Hart has experience in several language- and linguistics-related fields, including translation. Mr. Hart studied abroad in Santiago, Chile, and has visited Peru and Spain. While completing his graduate work at Montclair, Mr. Hart received a graduate assistantship and worked under Dr. Eileen Fitzpatrick on the MELD project, a database of English language learner essays. Overall, Mr. Hart brings a diverse resume of educational and professional experience to CCM and its students.

Articles Written: Masters thesis, “Expanding Morpheme Order Studies: Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Morphemes in Adult Learners”, April 2008

Lectures: “Little Linguists & More: The ESL Classroom at an American School in England”, October 2008

Professional Affiliations: Linguistic Society of America; NJTESOL