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CCM Recording Projects

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Since the inception of the Music Recording program at County College of Morris, students have been required to create a three-song “demo reel” to demonstrate their skills in the recording studio. These recordings are used as auditions to help students transfer to four-year recording programs and to help secure employment upon graduation from CCM. In addition, the performing artists and writers involved receive a quality recording to use as their own demo.

As the Music Recording program has grown over the years, quite a number of excellent projects have been completed in our studios. The next logical step was to share some of these projects with the local community and prospective students. All of the material presented here has been engineered and produced by CCM Recording students. We hope you enjoy the music!

CCM Recording Faculty: Todd Collins, Rick Deardorff, Denise Barbarita, Dan Palladino, Joe Cristiani

For more information and tour appointments contact:

CCM Music Department: (973) 328-5430

BIG Thanks to:

Dean Keith Smith and Professor Marielaine Mammon for all of their support, the CCM Music Department and to the students for all of their hard work.

CD layout © 2009 James King
1. Engineer: Mike Collins
Song: Whiskey Song (3:38)
Artist: Old Wives
7. Engineer: Kevin Kumetz
Song: What Love Should Be (3:52)
Artist: Forever Seven
2. Engineer: Kevin Kumetz
Song: Talk too Much (4:05)
Artist: Forever Seven
8. Engineer: Dan Barends
Song: Liar
Artist: The Soviet

3. Student Engineer: Tyler Erhard
Song:  California Bigfoot Sighting '09
Artist/Songwriter:  Catch the Break

9. Engineer: Mike Palanchi
Song: Roswell, Nevada
Artist: With Friends Like These
4. Engineer: Matt Carafello
Song: Daisy Queen (3:04)
Artist/Songwriter: Matt McCloskey
10. Engineer: Brian Schwartz
Song: Back to the Beast
Artist/Songwriter: Eric Tarlo
5. Engineer: Ron Hamman
Song: Eye to Eye
Artist: Tyler Erhard
11. Engineer: Brian Schwartz
Song: Love to Stay
Artist/Songwriter: Eric Tarlo

6. Engineer: Josh Cook
Song: Captain
Artist/Songwriter: Barry F. McGuire Jr.

7. Engineer: Dylan Lloyd
Song: Parkway South
Artist: Voyage

8. Engineer: Mark Juliano
Song: Ocean City
Artist: Voyage

9. Engineer: Chris Sopko
Song: Beneath the Veil
Artist: Stoicism featuring Ryan Cardoza

All songs © 2009