Dr. Charles Selengut

Charles SelengutDr. Charles Selengut is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology in the Division of Liberal Arts. Professor Selengut began teaching at County College of Morris in 1970. He received his B. A. degree from Brooklyn College, M.A. degree from the Graduate Faculty, New School University, and his Ph.D. degree with highest honors from Drew University.

Dr. Selengut is an expert on the sociology, psychology and politics of religious fundamentalism and new religious movements and has published books, articles and monographs on the significance of Islamic, Christian and Jewish fundamentalists in international relations. He is the author of Sacred Fury: Understanding Religious Violence which analyzes fundamentalist religious conflict in comparative international perspective. He has been a member of the McArthur Foundation sponsored University of Chicago “Project on Fundamentalism” and a visiting scholar at universities and conferences across Europe, Asia and the United States. He was a National Endowment for the Humanities fellow at Harvard University and a 1997 finalist for the Carnegie Professor of the year award. Dr. Selengut has been active in inter-religious studies and is the editor of Jewish-Muslim Encounters: History, Philosophy and Culture, a volume of essays based upon an international conference of Muslim and Jewish scholars held in Cordova, Spain. He is also the author, with Paul Brezina and Robert Weyer of Seeing Society: Perspectives on Social Life among other works.