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Steps to Enroll as a Challenger

Step-by-step Challenger process:
  • Application: You will first need to obtain a Challenger application, which you can find here.
    • The Challenger application needs to be signed by your high school guidance counselor.
    • Once you have completed the application and had it signed by your guidance counselor, you must submit it to the Admissions Office. You may do this in person or you may mail the application. Challengers may not apply online. Please keep in mind that you also need to submit the $30.00 application fee along with your application.
  • SAT scores: If you have taken the SAT or ACT, you may also submit your scores, as they may exempt you from placement testing. To be exempt from placement testing, a student must score:
    • A 540 or higher in SAT Critical Reading for the English placement test.
    • A 530 or higher in SAT Math for the Math placement test.
    • A 23 or higher in ACT English for the English placement test.
    • A 23 or higher in ACT Math for the Math placement test.
  • Placement Testing: Students not exempt from the placement test may schedule a placement test by following the instructions written on their Challenger acceptance letters. In order to register for Math or English courses for courses with Math or English prerequisites, a student must pass the placement tests.  Challenger students are not permitted to register for remedial courses.


  • Registration: Once the above has been completed, you will be able to register as a Challenger student. In order to register, you must fill out the registration form that came with your Challenger application. If you misplaced the registration form, it can be found here. You may mail, fax, or bring the form in person to Records and Registration, located in the Student Community Center; please note the mail-in and in-person registration dates found on the college's website.