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Mini Terms at CCM

County College of Morris now offers  several mini terms.  This diverse course schedule gives students a number of options in terms of taking classes over the standard 16-week period, or in more condensed 14, 10, 8, 5, or 2-week formats during the traditional fall and spring terms.
A few notes about registering/adding courses for any mini term:
  • Online/Hybrid Courses - Online/Hybrid classes must be added to your schedule the day prior to the start date of the term (not the start date of the class) - no exceptions can be made.
  • Registering for all other CoursesYou will be able to add a class to your schedule provided that the class has not yet met. Once a class has been in session, you will not be able to add it to your schedule.
  • Web Advisor can be used to register/add a class to your schedule up until the day before the term starts, after that you need to visit the Records and Registration Office. 
  • Closed Classes - classes may not be over enrolled, please don't ask us.
  ** W - week, E - early in the semester, L - later in the semester**
Spring 2017


Term Codes

Term Start

Term End

Last Day to Drop a Class

 Withdrawal Deadline

16 weeks 17SP16 17-Jan 15-May 30-Jan 13-April 
Early 8 weeks 17SP8E 17-Jan 20-March 23-Jan 27-Feb 
2 weeks 17SP2W 17-Jan 30-Jan 19-Jan 26-Jan 
Early 5 weeks 17SP5E 17-Jan 20-Feb 23-Jan 10-Feb 
14 weeks 17SP14 31-Jan 15-May 13-Feb 20-April
2 week mid 17SP2M 31-Jan 13-Feb 2-Feb TBA
10 weeks 17SP10 21-Feb 15-May 7-March 25-April
2 week late 17SP2L 21-Feb 6-March 23-Feb TBA
Late 8 week 17SP8L 21-March 15-May 27-March 2-May
 Summer 2017
Term Term Codes Term Start Term End Last Day to Drop a Class Withdrawal Deadline 
Early 5 weeks 17SU5E 22-May 24-June 26-May 15-June 
Late 5 weeks 17SU5L 26-June 29-July 30-June  20-July
8 weeks 17SU8W 27-June 21-Aug 3-July  4-Aug
3 weeks 17SU3W 31-July 19-Aug 2-August  14-Aug