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Bursar FAQ - Paying for CCM


 At CCM, we understand the financial impact of a college education is a large undertaking. To help plan accordingly, we wanted to provide the following information.

How much will college cost?

CCM is one of the best bargains in town! But with that said, we understand every penny counts. Please click here to access our tuition and fee information. In addition, here is a worksheet to help determine the costs before registration. Once registered, the student’s invoice is available online via their personal WebAdvisor account.

When do I have to pay for my classes?

Each term has a specific due date as advertised on our web page, under important financial dates.  Full payment must be posted to the student’s account by midnight on this date. 

What forms of payment does the College accept?

We accept payment by cash, check/money order, MasterCard/Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards, and Debit Cards with MasterCard or Visa logos. Payment can be made by:
  • WebAdvisor (online) using a listed credit card. This method is not recommended for financial aid recipients or tuition assistance programs since it requires the entire balance to be paid.
  • Check or money order mailed to CCM Bursar Office, 214 Center Grove Road, Randolph, NJ 07869. Please include your student CCM ID number.
  • In-person at the Bursar Office in the Student Community Center, room SCC225. All forms of payment are accepted in person.


What will happen if payment is not made by the Due Date?

A late fee will be assessed if full payment is not made by the Due Date. The college also has the option to delete the student’s schedule resulting in fees being assessed to the student’s account.


When do I have to pay for my classes if I register or change my schedule after the Due Date? 

Once the due date has passed, payment of any open balance is due immediately.


Does CCM offer a payment plan?

In order to keep costs low, we do not offer a payment plan. Full payment must be made or payment assistance must be in place by the due date.


Are there any payment assistance programs?

There are several payment assistance programs available to our students but they must be in place with the balance of the payment in order to be utilized towards the balance due. 


Do I have to pay if I applied for Financial Aid but it does not show on my WebAdvisor account yet?

Yes, the college requires payment in full if a student’s financial aid package is not awarded by the Due Date. 


How do I know if my Financial Aid is available to be applied towards my balance?

If the aid is available to be applied towards a balance due, an amount will be reflected on the students WebAdvisor account, under “Bill/What’s my Balance” as “Financial Aid Remaining”. If the amount is not reflected and/or the amount is not enough to cover the amount due, then the balance due must be paid by the Due Date.




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