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Alternate Route Teaching Certification

New Pathways to Teaching

County College of Morris, New Jersey City University and participating NJ Community Colleges are offering an alternate route to teacher certification, which is an approved program of the New Jersey Department of Education.
This program is for candidates who possess:
 Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited four year college or university 
 GPA of 2.75 or higher 
 Passing PRAXIS II score 
 Introduction to the Teaching Profession: A 24 Hour Pre-service Completion Certificate (based on CE type) 
 Certificate of Eligibility (CE)

The NPTNJ program is divided into two stages: Stage I and Stage II. Candidates must first enroll in Stage I, which begins in April, if there is sufficient enrollment. Stage I students have classes two nights a week for a total of 15 sessions from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. In addition to these 15 sessions of Stage I coursework, Stage I students must also complete 15 hours of classroom observations in public or private schools of their choice, located in New Jersey.  
To enroll in County College of Morris’s Stage I candidates must bring the following items to the Stage I Orientation Meeting to be held in April:
Enrollment is contingent upon meeting ALL of the eligibility requirements listed above. You will be allowed to Register and Pay in person when you come in with these items.

Stage II begins every September and ends in June. Classes meet two evenings per week from 6pm to 8:30pm. This will only run if there is sufficient enrollment.

To enroll in Stage II, candidates must successfully complete Stage I, with a minimum grade of B, and have a contract of employment as a full or part time provisional teacher for the school year.

People seeking to teach Elementary or Middle School must take an additional 45 hours of Literacy and 45 hours of Math Instruction as mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education for all holders of Elementary and Elementary with subject matter specialization CE's.  Please refer to the New Pathways website for more information.


Read the NPTNJ Overview:  Getting Started in New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey

Visit the NPTNJ website at New Jersey City University.  http://nptnj.org/   
Visit the Department of Education website for more information regarding alternate route http://www.state.nj.us/education/educators/license/process/AlternateRoute.htm
View information regarding the PRAXIS II exam offered by the Educational Testing Service. https://www.ets.org/

If you have questions after reading this information, call (973) 328-5072 or email altroute@ccm.edu