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•    Life Skills Boot Camp - Prepare today for tomorrow!
•    Culinary Boot Camp - Snack right!
•    SAT Prep Classes - Improve test scores!
•    Photography
•    Darkroom
•    Game Concepts
•    Sewing & Fashion
•    Art & Ceramics
…And More!!!

College For Kids 2016 even bigger and better!

• New courses from popular vendors (like Black Rocket, Sciensational, and others)!
• Exciting new opportunities are being explored...
            Singing, Robotics, Sewing & Fashion, Make & Take

Plan ahead for sessions the weeks of:

July 5 (4 days only), July 11, July 18, July 25, August 1 & August 8

Registration is now available.


How to Register on WebAdvisor

  1. Go to webadvisor.ccm.edu
  2. In the MAIN MENU—click on the YELLOW Continuing Education (Non-Credit) box
  3. Under the YELLOW Registration Tab (at the bottom) Click on the BLUE LINK for Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes (Non-Credit)
  4. Scroll down to the SECOND FIELD (course code number) and ENTER the 5 DIGIT SECTION NUMBER FROM THE CATALOG. Click SUBMIT. You do not have to fill anything else on this page
  5. On the SELECT CLASS page you will see a long row with information about the class you chose. MARK SELECT in the first column. (please note if there are available seats in the last column) Click SUBMIT
  6. PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION MUST BE YOUR CHILD’S INFORMATION. You need to have the SSN to proceed. Make sure you MARK YOU MUST CERTIFY IN ORDER TO PROCEED: I certify that I am the person described above, and that the information presented here is correct to the best of my knowledge AS the parent/guardian. CLICK SUBMIT
  7. The next page is your payment information
  8. IF you are done, you will get a confirmation immediately. IF you want to choose another class, it will give you that option and you will go back to STEP 4
Cool Cooking

Our "Cool Cooking" event took place from July 6 to July 10, 2015. Over the course of the week, the group learned different techniques on how to create dishes without actually cooking (no heat!). Using the skills they had learned, the group was broken up into two teams - Master Chefs and Berry Awesome - for a head-to-head challenge. The teams were instructed to create a sandwich, a blended drink, and a dip within one hour. The dishes were sampled and rated by a group of judges, and the winners were chosen. Master Chefs created the winning dips (guacamole and maple cinnamon yogurt dip) and blended drink (strawberry banana smoothie), and Berry Awesome created the winning sandwich (margherita sandwich).

Master Chefs
- Tara Tevald, Jared Santana, Hsiang-Wei (Wendy) Wang, Yasmine Atwa

Berry Awesome
- Katherine Gardner, Tamara Rivera, Seetha Mur