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Division News at County College of Morris
The division news will be updated monthly.
Business, Mathematics, Engineering,
 and Technologies

The BMET Division had a very active 2012-2013 academic year with many curriculum projects coming to fruition including the completion of six-year program reviews and accreditation self-studies.

We introduced two new degrees in the division: the Associate in Applied Science Culinary Arts and Science degree (P3425) which became effective with the fall 2012 term and the Associate in Science Computer Science degree (P2500) which became effective with the spring 2013 term; the latter degree replaces the associate in applied science degree of the same name. Chairpersons Cosgrove and Murphy are to be commended for shepherding these new degrees over many months to completion.  Prof. Nancy Binowski provided invaluable expertise to the development of the computer science degree.

The Engineering Technologies/Engineering Science (ET/ES) Department, the Business Department, and the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Department were engaged in their reaccreditation processes during the past academic year.  The ET/ES Department submitted self-studies for the Electronics Engineering Technology Program and the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program in the summer of 2012 and hosted a team of program evaluators from their accrediting group, ABET, from October 21 through October 24.  The evaluators’ review was presented to the July 2013 meeting of The Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. The policy of ABET is to grant accreditation for a limited number of years, not to exceed six, in all cases, and we are pleased to report our programs received the reaccreditation for the full six-year period.  Congratulations to Prof. Fuentes and the faculty of these programs.  Meanwhile, the Business Department and the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Department began the self-study process for reaffirmation of accreditation with the Accrediting Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).  The four ACBSP accredited programs are:  Business Administration, Business Career, Hospitality Management, and
Restaurant and Culinary Management.  The effort began with three business faculty: Professors Bagan, Cupo and Sutton, traveling to the annual ACBSP conference in Baltimore, MD in June 2012.  Professor Sutton received the appointment of Assistant Chairperson for Business in October 2012 and she was also selected to lead the self-study effort for the Business Department in coordination with Chairperson Mark Cosgrove for Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.  An exhaustive nine-month examination of the programs’ compliance with the six standards of excellence for ACBSP accreditation was aided by information from numerous college offices and the self-study was submitted in August of 2013.  Michelle Roe provided her technological expertise to this substantial document. The departments now look forward to hosting a team of ACBSP evaluators from October 6 through October 9.

Six-year program reviews were completed for several programs in the Information Technologies including all degree options in Computer Information Systems (#3501-#3504).  Professor Bonnie Murphy is to be commended for her efforts in completing these reviews and we thank Dr. Barbara Bracken of Wilkes University for serving as the external consultant for these programs.  The final steps in the six-year review process will be completed as the review documents are brought to the Curriculum Committee in fall 2013.

Other curriculum developments included the incorporation of a “common core” of major courses in the three degrees in the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Department; the incorporation of “student success” content in the degree programs throughout the division; and the development of substantial degree revision proposals for the Telecommunications Associate in Applied Science and Aviation Flight Technology Associate in Applied Science degrees.  These degree revision proposals should be making their way in the curriculum process during the 2013-2014 academic year.  The Mathematics Department also began an extensive review of both the development mathematics curriculum and the statistics curriculum and we are looking forward to their proposals in the coming months.  The Business Department made significant changes to the elective portion of the Business Administration degree and will be turning its attention to the Associate in Applied Science Business Career degree during the 2013-2014 academic year.  A valued department in the division is the Planetarium led by Astronomer Chris Fenwick who has begun a regular posting on CCM’s Facebook page titled, “Here’s What’s Up!”  The weekly postings highlight topics of astronomical interest while reminding readers of the Planetarium programs.  A catalog of the postings is maintained on the Planetarium’s webpage.  Follow the Planetarium on Facebook!

The maintenance of program quality through facility remodels and equipment upgrades continued in the past academic year. The ET/ES Department, Information Technologies and the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts all benefited from the Carl Perkins grant and look forward to additional major equipment purchases under the state’s capital equipment leasing program.  Laboratories in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology have been approved for a major renovation funded through state bond money and the renovation began in August of 2013 with an expected completion date in December of 2013.

The division welcomes the Criminal Justice Program and Professors Nick Irons, Jon Hurd and William Solomons effective with fall of 2013.  The program will be within the ET/ES department under the leadership of Prof. Fuentes who has many strong relationships with Morris County public safety agencies.

At the heart of our academic programs are the faculty who bring their expertise to their discipline.  Support for professional development and engagement in the community continues to be a division priority.

On November 29, 2012, Dean Patrick Enright and members of CCM’s Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Leadership Team met with Donna Milgram, Executive Director of the National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science (iWitts) through a conference call.  The purpose of the call was to discuss further implementation of strategies developed in the May 2012 two-day training session held at CCM addressing the gender imbalance in STEM enrollments.

On December 20, 2012, Professor Fuentes gave a lecture and demonstration on gears and torque to the seventh grade class at St. Mary’s School in Rockaway, NJ.  The seventh graders are working on a Motorized Toy Car challenge (STEM initiative) and needed additional information on gears, gear ratios and torque.

Professor Fuentes attended the semi-annual meeting of the Committee on Engineering Technology Accreditation Activities (CETAA).  The meeting took place in Orlando, Florida on January 25th, 26th and 27th.  The CETAA is responsible for implementing IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) involvement in the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, the accrediting agency for engineering programs in the United States.  The committee oversees the program evaluators that represent the IEEE on ABET visits and it is also responsible for developing the curriculum for all of the programs that fall under the IEEE as the lead society.

Professor June Scott, Information Technologies, attended the Computer Information Technology Symposium in Miami Beach, Florida from February 7 to 9.  The participants were teachers from all over the United States who taught the beginning computer courses as well as the computer application courses at community colleges and universities. The groups discussed the way CIT (computer information technology) is being taught today, and how technology is being used right now in classrooms across the country using tablets, mobile technology (smartphones), iPad’s and social media.  Conversations included learning tools, learning styles, technology solutions and events beyond the academic environment.  It was an interactive environment with teachers using laptops and tablets and others leading the development of educational tools and technology.

The Morris Area Mathematics Alliance (MAMA) held its 40th successful meeting on the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in the Davidson Conference Rooms.  As NJ K-12 schools are meeting the state requirement to incorporate CCSS into their mathematics curricula, this timely program provided the latest key information, best-practice methods and discussion opportunities for mathematics instructors from northern NJ.  The first speaker, Dr. Dwight Smith, addressed the audience on the importance of pedagogical content knowledge in implementing the CCSS and on the assessment programs that will be developed (PARCC).  The attendees appreciated his question-and-answer period that followed.  The meeting then divided into three concurrent sessions, covering Elementary School, Middle School, and High School implementation topics, respectively.  The speaker/moderator of each session was either a District Director or a Coordinating Supervisor of Mathematics Instruction in his/her school district.  Much information on “working models” as well as “roadblocks” was provided, exchanged, clarified, and discussed.  The meeting was well attended (almost 100 mathematics professionals in total) and the feedback has been incredibly positive.

Mathematics Professors Jeff Jones, Roger McCoach, Meimee Persau and Natalie Yang attended the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM) Conference in Boston, MA from 3-21-3/24.  The conference reviews excellence and innovation in using technology to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.

On March 28, 2013 Professor Nial McCabe and Lab Coordinator Eric Pedersen visited Custom Alloys Manufacturing in High Bridge, NJ. The visit was part of the planning process for an upcoming CCM field trip of engineering students in April.

Professor Bonnie Murphy attended the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Student Success and the Quality Agenda held in Miami, Florida, from April 4-6.  Professor Murphy attended the conference as a representative of the College’ General Education Committee.  She attended all LEAP-featured sessions (Liberal Education and America’s Promise) in addition to the opening and plenary sessions.  The focus of the conference was on student success and implementing high-impact practices to ensure that success.
The Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Department led by Chairperson Mark Cosgrove hosted two successful events in the Hospitality Dining Room: a luncheon for tenure-track faculty on April 24, 2013 and the CCM Foundation “Visioning the Future” dinner on May 1, 2013.  Lab assistants Alicia Harris and Jennifer McCord supported kitchen and dining room operations as program students demonstrated their cooking and service expertise for the guests.

Professor Patricia Bernson, Business Department, reported that the first meeting of the Finance Club will be held on Tuesday, February 19 during College Hour in CH155. 

The Nineteenth Annual Women Who Dare Conference was held on Friday, May 10, 2013.  Approximately 205 high school junior and senior young women attended from 10 high schools representing four counties.  The students received a morning greeting from Dean Patrick Enright and Dr. Bette Simmons.  The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Elizabeth Posillico, President and Chief Executive Officer of Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. Students had the opportunity to participate in two workshops during the event.  Workshops were presented by: Professors Nancy Binowski, Jefferson Cartano, Mark Cosgrove, John Klages, Nial McCabe, Susan Miller, Meimee Persau, Maureen Sutton, Patricia Tamburelli, Joseph Tamburelli , Alexis Thurman, and Natalie Yang; by Mechanical Engineering Lab Coordinator Eric Pedersen,  and Planetarium Astronomer Chris Fenwick.   Ms. Michelle Roe coordinated all aspects of the conference.  The event also received support from offices across the campus.  This year’s event was sponsored by Elusys Therapeutics, Inc., First Energy Corporation, Jersey Central Power & Light, Lucent Technologies, New Jersey Natural Gas, County College of Morris Campus Life, Business, Mathematics, Engineering & Technologies and the County College of Morris Foundation Office.

Professor Mark Cosgrove attended the NRAEF Summer Institute Level 3 conference in Daytona Florida from June 23-June 28.  The seminar covered the following areas: Cost Control, Marketing, Baking, Desserts, Global cuisines, Salads and garnishing, Sustainability, and Teaching pedagogy. Level 3 featured culinary topics in salads and garnishing, baking and desserts.  Management topics included marketing and cost control. The class also featured topics at the forefront of the industry, such as global cuisines and sustainability.

Professor Maureen Sutton attended the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) Annual Conference from June 21-24, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The theme of the conference was "Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in the Classroom".  In addition to attending a variety of sessions, Prof. Sutton met with an accreditation council commissioner to review elements of the department’s self-study to be submitted in August. The Business Department’s reaccreditation visit is scheduled for October 2013.

The Summer Academy provided 20 students from Dover High School with a one-week opportunity to sharpen their science, math and technology skills, express their creativity and start planning for college. Professors Alexis Thurman and Susan Winston prepared, instructed and directed all activities for the Summer Academy students. The program, which ran from July 8 through July 12, 2013 focused on a different aspect of math, science and technology. This year’s program “Emagination” placed the participants into small groups and challenged them to create an amusement park in Minecraft, a video game where players build things in 3D. Some of the results included a volcano roller coaster, a “Jungle Vines” ride filled with numerous climbs and dips and lots of green vegetation, and even some bathrooms.  The Summer Academy was funded by Alcoa and Investors Bank.   


Health and Natural Sciences

The faculty members of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences provide a supportive learning environment that promotes student success through excellence in instruction and programs and services that meet the diverse needs of the College community.  To promote student success, the faculty continues to seek new knowledge, ideas, and practices through participation in conferences, workshops, and regional meetings.   Below you will find some of these faculty activities.

The Division celebrated National Nurses’ Week May 6-12, 2014, honoring the CCM nurse educators.  The 2014 theme, Nurses Leading the Way, validated the essential role nursing plays in health care.  Dr. Vivek Agnihotri received the 2014 Nurse Excellence Award in Advancing and Leading the Profession from Saint Clare’s Hospital and earned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from William Paterson University.    

Professor Brian Oleksak of the Department of Landscape and Horticultural Technology presented Looking Out for the Good Guys: Attracting Beneficial Insects to your Garden on May 10, 2014, at the Sparta Community Garden Educational Kick-Off.  On May 19, 2014, at the Morris County Master Gardeners Lunch and Learn Presentation on campus, Professor Oleksak presented Ferns and Grasses for the Home Landscape.  He gave a tour of the LHT building and discussed its recent gold level certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Professor Patricia Baxter of the Department of Nursing attended a program, Pursuing Value in a Time of Healthcare Transformation:  Delivering Quality Care to Diverse Populations, presented by Dr. Jospeh R. Betancourt at Morristown Medical Center on May 16, 2014.  The program presented current research findings on disparities in healthcare, ideas for improved communications with patients, and frameworks for addressing and communicating in high-risk patient scenarios.

The Nursing Pinning Ceremony was held on May 15 in the Dragonetti Auditorium.  Fifty-six graduates were honored by college administrators, professors, family, and friends.  The Pinning Ceremony is a rite of passage into the nursing profession.  It signifies the acceptance of the responsibilities of the practice of Nursing and the educational preparation of the graduate.  Graduates will now prepare to take the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

Dr. John Berger of the Department of Biology and Chemistry traveled to Washington, D.C., May 11-13, 2014, to serve as a reviewer on the Robert Noyce Teaching Scholarship Program Panel.  He provided advice and recommendations concerning proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation for financial support and reviewed and evaluated the proposals.  The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors and professionals to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers.

Dr. Maria Isaza and Professors Monica Maraska and Denise Vill’Neuve attended the Statewide CTE Institute on May 20, 2104.  The Institute, hosted by the New Jersey Department of Education's Office of Career and Technical Education, was designed to immerse participants in topics that are essential in connecting vocational and technical programs with workforce needs and to prepare students to be college and career ready.

Professor Monica Maraska of the Department of Nursing attended Roadshow 2014 on May 29, 2014, sponsored by the New Jersey State Nurses Association and Institute for Nursing.  The session provided an opportunity for participants to learn how to write measurable education objectives and identify the common mistakes made.

On May 30, 2014, fourteen faculty members from the Department of Nursing attended the New Jersey Council of Associate Degree Nursing Programs Annual Spring Nursing Faculty Workshop, Active Learning Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in the Classroom in Monroe Township, New Jersey.  The workshop focused on the examination of current theories that relate to teaching critical thinking in nursing and the identification of ways to teach critical thinking.

Dr. Maria Isaza and Professor Christine Kelly of the Department of Biology and Chemistry attended the 12th Annual Faculty of the Future Conference on May 30, 2014, sponsored by Buck County Community College.  Cole W. Camplese, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Stony Brook University, delivered the keynote address and focused on innovative approaches to support the integration of technologies into learning environments.

Professor Sheila Barbach of the Department of Biology and Chemistry attended the 12th Annual POGIL National Meeting (PNM) May 31-June 3, 2014, at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.   The meeting allowed active members of the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) community to participate in important tasks to further the mission of The POGIL Project. The primary goal of the 2014 PNM was to work on actions that will contribute to the POGIL Strategic Plan.

Health and Natural Sciences’ Dean Joan Cunningham and Assistant Chair Deborah Poetsch of Department of Mathematics attended a conference, A System-Wide Approach to Advising for Retention, sponsored by Academic Impressions on June 4-6, 2014, in St. Louis, Missouri.  The conference was designed to improve student success and retention rates with innovative approaches to advising.  The event brought together institutional teams to take an in-depth look at best practice research, advising methodology, and implementation of a system-wide change.

The Department of Landscape and Horticultural Technology under the direction of Chairperson Brian Oleksak participated in a seeding project at the Morristown Food Pantry during the spring semester.  Seeds were planted in 10 raised beds.  The garden produced over 45 pounds of fresh and healthy produce and over 150 herb containers for clients.

Professor Patricia Baxter of the Department of Nursing attended the Atlantic Center for Research 18th Annual Research Day at Morristown Medical Center on June 11, 2014.  Dr. Benjamin Scherlag presented the keynote address on Autonomic Modulation: An Emerging Paradigm for Prevention and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation to nurses, physicians, residents, and allied healthcare professionals.

Professor Keri Flanagan of the Department of Biology and Chemistry accompanied three members of the CCM Women in STEM Club representing the College at the American Association of University Women (AAUW) National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in College Park, Maryland on June 5-7, 2014.  The students gave a presentation on activities CCM has conducted thanks to a $4,730 grant the college received from AAUW, the purpose of which is to encourage more women to major in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded County College of Morris (CCM) a $199,999 grant to support a new college initiative aimed at preparing a larger number graduates for the fields of biotechnology, chemical technology and environmental science.  As part of the NSF grant program, Principal Investigator Professor Keri Flanagan, Professor Jenifer Martin, and Dr. Jason Hudzik will lead science faculty in launching the Pathways of Applied Career Experience (PACE) Science Program designed to increase enrollment and retention rates for science students and provide them with internships and other field experiences to succeed in today’s environment.

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) has awarded the Radiography Program accreditation for a period of five years.  The JRCERT is the only agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) for the accreditation of educational programs in radiography, radiation therapy, magnetic resonance, and medical dosimetry.

Respiratory Therapy Clinical Education Coordinator, Michele DaSilva, attended the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Summer Forum in Marco Island, Florida, on July 15-17, 2014.  The forum focused on building and maintaining a successful and sustainable Respiratory Therapy (RT) program and curriculum.  Sessions included the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) Meet the Commission covering new or pending changes to accreditation standards and the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC)-sponsored lecture, which explored new components of the RRT Clinical Simulation exam.

Radiography Program Chair, Professor Denise Vill’Neuve, attended the Association of Educators in Radiological Sciences 2014 Educational Program in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 17-18, 2014.   The program gave college and hospital-based professionals an opportunity to focus on enhancing student learning through effective teachings strategies, improving students’ critical thinking skills, rapid eLearning methodologies, and engaging and enhancing student learning through PowerPoint.

Sixteen Respiratory Therapy Program students have completed graduation requirements.  The ceremony was held on July 24 in the Learning Resource Center.  All sixteen graduates will take the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) examination to earn the credential of Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRTT).

Twenty-five Radiography Program students completed graduation requirements on July 30.  A celebration ceremony was held in the Learning Resource Center.  Students are in the process of taking the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Registry Examination.  Results will be available in January.


Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Division faculty is committed to the development of creative and impactful ways to impart to students of County College of Morris is an appreciation of the practical and creative side of the worlds of art, music, writing, language, literature and much more.  In addition, the faculty also search for opportunities to showcase their diverse talents at concerts, exhibitions, performances, as well as participating in seminars and conferences.  Below you will find some of these faculty activities.

Professor John Hurd of the History and Criminal Justice Department was a guest speaker at the Introduction to Criminal Justice Symposium sponsored by McGraw-Hill National Symposium in Florida on October 27th and 28th.

The Promethean, the student-produced literary and arts magazine at CCM recently was presented with a national award of distinction in the Publishing category from Graphic Design USA, one of the major graphic design competitions in the country.  The publication consists of literary and art submissions from students, faculty and staff at CCM.

Adjunct Professor, Leah K. Tomaino of the Visual Arts Department has designed a collection of artwork for Bloomingdales to help increase breast cancer awareness.  The “LeahBras” collection is on display in Bloomingdale’s in three New Jersey Stores.

Yuka Yanagi, adjunct professor in the Music Department, performed solo piano pieces by Chopin at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall.

Dean Keith Smith judged an art exhibition for the Milburn Short Hills Art Council.

Adjunct Professor Todd Doney will be presenting his paintings at a solo show at the Morris Museum for the summer of 2013.


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