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Don't Just Study It...Experience It

CCM City College - The City as Classroom

Cities have been classrooms for longer than schools have been. A vast dimension of the educational development of the human race has taken place inside of cities and outside of formal school rooms. Many educative resources can be found in our cities. It is in cities that theaters and symphonies and museums and libraries are located. In and around cities are the centers of commerce and industry of medicine and social services and of transportation and communication. CCM students will have the opportunity to attend nontraditional classrooms in city museums business offices libraries hotels performing art centers retail stores restaurants police stations and government offices.

The County College of Morris is already an excellent institution delivering challenging high quality and accessible education within the county through a campus environment where students and faculty are free to explore ideas are committed to honesty and fairness encouraged to take risks and succeed to the best of their abilities. CCM City College seeks to build bridges partnerships and collaborations between existing teaching and educational activities with cultural professional business and governmental entities located in the town of Morristown. CCM students would attend classes at the offices and establishments of Morristown businesses for the entire semester of coursework. Professionals such as businessmen, government officials, doctors, lawyers, artists, policemen, and others will serve as adjunct professors or supplement the instruction of CCM faculty to deliver and accomplish the required academic objectives of the respective course. The focus will be on professional practice reflecting the city's strengths in business and the professions from finance and marketing to management law enforcement retailing lodging entertainment and the arts.

The City College program will recognize the town of Morristown as a place to learn putting skills and talents of both academia and business to the task of bringing the city to the classroom and to exploiting the city as a classroom. By learning from the unique and special talents of Morristown business professionals students will be preparing themselves for a life which is closer to the real situations represented.