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Course Description
The County College of Morris in Morristown is now offering a special program based on a new methodology for students who want to learn English at a faster pace This new program will help those who have the time to immerse themselves in English and computer technology the course blends traditional in classroom lectures in technology with an online component which makes this class perfect for those who have limited time or have nontraditional schedules

Ramon Gordon an ESL instructor and developer of this new methodology will show you through conversation how to better understand native speakers of English The primary goal of this program is to quickly improve your English so that you can continue your language growth at the next level The secondary goal of the program is to expose you to the latest in Microsoft Applications that can lead to Microsoft certification

This program is also focused on Family and Business development Learn English fast and be exposed to Information Technology.

Course Objectives
A blending of English language study and computer technology You will learn to speak and converse better in English if not native language and learn the latest in Microsoft Applications Word Excel Access PowerPoint Outlook to improve job skills and be more marketable.

We are offering a unique program based on the total development of the individual while learning a new language This structured program is unlike others that you will find At CCM in Morristown we strive to provide a best in class education to the community by assessing the needs this English program is mutually exclusive of the classes the college currently offers We have incorporated information that will assist the student on how to learn and fulfill their respective goals.
CLICK HERE to download the InTENESL schedule.