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Grant Writing Certificate Program Offered at County College of Morris

Featuring Tips and Best Practices for Those Seeking Funds - Posted 12/20/13
County College of Morris (CCM) will be offering a Certificate of Completion in Grant Writing again this Spring Semester for nonprofit professionals looking to enhance their fundraising skills and those seeking to enter the field.
The grant-writing program was expanded into a four-course certificate program last Fall Semester to better prepare professionals for success in the world of fundraising.

“It was exciting to expand the grant-writing program to a more complete Certificate of Completion in Grant Writing for those who want and have a passion to make a difference in their communities,” said Instructor Lauren Swern, who teaches the series at CCM.

The series begins with Prospecting for Grants, a three-session course, on January 30. The other three courses in the series are Grant Researching and Proposal Writing, Interactive Proposals Writing and Ethics in Grant Writing. Individuals are free to sign up for any of the four courses but certificates are awarded only to those who complete the entire four-course series.

Students in the program learn step-by-step how to develop grant proposals through all the stages in the complex and ever-changing world of grants. As part of their training, they are asked to complete a letter of intent and proposal, which then are reviewed by and discussed with grant professionals. They also are given the opportunity to learn from a variety of local nonprofit professionals.

Topics also covered include the various approaches funders take when reviewing proposals, current standards of professional practice, mistakes most commonly made on applications and the importance of communicating impact.
For more information on the grant-writing program and other certificates offered at CCM, visit www.ccm.edu/businesscommunity and click on the “Continuing Education” brochure on the left side of the page.