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$200,000 in Scholarships and Awards Available at CCM

Online System Streamlines Application Process
Some $200,000 in scholarships and awards are available this academic year for students attending County College of Morris (CCM), the college’s Foundation has announced.

The 95 scholarships and awards cover almost all academic disciplines, including several that are available to nursing students, as well students studying landscape management, music, international studies, hospitality management, public administration, business, and students with disabilities.
This year, a new scholarship has been added, the Donna Kahn Scholarship for students studying nursing.
The online application system on the college’s website streamlines the process and makes it easier for students to apply.

“Our online application process, introduced last year, makes it very convenient for students to view all available scholarships and to apply online,” said Joseph Vitale, president of the CCM Foundation. “Thanks to the generosity of our donors, CCM students who qualify for these scholarships have additional ways to underwrite the cost of their education. We hope all students will visit our website and investigate the criteria for applying for these awards.”

Most scholarships are awarded based on grade point average, and many are based on financial need. “We offer scholarships primarily to Morris County residents to attract stellar students to our school,” said Harvey Willis, director of the CCM Financial Aid Office.

“It is particularly important to reward exceptional students during these difficult financial times,” added Louise Massoni, scholarship coordinator and financial aid advisor.

Willis and Massoni also emphasized that the CCM Financial Aid Office is available to assist students. Along with the online application, a list of available scholarships can be found on the Financial Aid page of the CCM website.

Students interested in applying for a County College of Morris scholarship should visit: