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Morris County ARC Students Visit CCM

Students with Disabilities Learn About Employment Opportunities - Posted 4/16/14
County College of Morris (CCM) welcomed students with developmental disabilities to explore potential job employment opportunities on Thursday, April 10.  About 20 students form Morristown and Jefferson high schools attended the trip.

“The goal of the trip was for the students to gain an understanding of real-world jobs available at the college and learn what major skills are needed to be considered for employment and to succeed in those jobs,” said  Rita Ragany-Bayer, associate director of human resources, who coordinated the visit.

The students began their day with a presentation from Craig Tolley of the Landscape Horticultural program. After learning about jobs in the landscaping field, the students met with Dan Wills from the Plant and Maintenance department to learn about the specific skills needed to work in that area. They also spent time learning about the college’s book store from Abdelilah Ennassef and disability services from Jane Rufino.

The trip concluded with a pizza lunch where students and presenters took part in a question-and-answer discussion about employment opportunities in general and how to succeed.