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CCM Launches Flexible Term Schedule to Better Address the Needs of Students

More Class Options Will Allow Students to Meet Their Academic Goals Faster - Posted 4/10/14
Starting with the opening of registration for the Fall 2014 Semester, County College of Morris (CCM) is launching a more flexible term schedule to allow students to more easily meet their academic goals within the time frame they desire.

The new schedule consists of adding in 14, 10, eight and five-week “mini terms,” along with the traditional 16-week term, into each semester. By taking classes in one of the condensed terms, students can more quickly complete courses and then register for other courses they need.

“By being a little more creative in the way we schedule classes, students should be able to meet their goals faster,” notes Dr. Bette Simmons, vice president of Student Development and Enrollment Management. “

For example, if a student needs to take a condensed developmental English class during one of the short terms, he or she will not need to wait for the following semester to then take English Composition I. Now, the option is available for the student to take the next class in one of the mini terms within the same semester.

The change becomes effective on April 8 when registration begins for Fall 2014. In-person registration will take place in the Student Community Center August 23, 25, 26 and 27. Registration ends August 27 and the Fall Semester begins August 28.

To view what classes are being offered and during which term length, visit www.ccm.edu, click on WebAdvisor, then Students, and then Search for Sections.