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CCM Launches Student Clubs Blog

Site to Act as Platform for Organizations to Display Outstanding Work
Student life entails more than just classes and tests at County College of Morris (CCM). Some of the most successful students are also the most engaged in the CCM community. Many belong to one of the college’s more than 40 student organizations.

Now, those clubs have a place to display the exceptional work they produce on campus each day.

CCM recently launched its own student clubs blog to help members highlight their handiwork. The blog, found at http://www.countycollegeofmorris.wordpress.com, will offer the outside community a glimpse into student life.

“The blog will provide a great opportunity for CCM’s clubs to showcase the wonderful things they are doing,” said Don Phelps, associate director of Campus Life.

The blog’s first post features a production by the Student Film Association titled Factory of Fools, a work that takes a fictitious and humorous look at what “Film Factory” club members do in order to secure funding for their latest film.

“Having a place to display all of the great work students produce in clubs at CCM is really exciting,” said Nick Sangiacomo, co-president of the Student Film Association. “As a member of a group that creates visual pieces, it will be great to show others what we are doing on campus.”

Sangiacomo and his counterpart Jack Siberine were excited about the prospect of highlighting student club work on the blog and were eager to be the first club to post.

In the coming months, more clubs and students are expected to show just how rich the complete college experience at CCM can be. To see what the blog is all about, as well as the Student Film Association’s first post, head to http://www.countycollegeofmorris.wordpress.com.