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CCM President Joins Coalition to Ensure the Value of a College Education

LEAP Employer-Educator Compact Stresses Importance of Liberal Arts Education - Posted 4/25/13
It takes more than a major in a certain degree to develop and succeed in a career. What employers are looking for in today’s innovation-driven economy are employees with strong communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills, not those possessing only a specific skill set or area of expertise. 

Those are the conclusions of the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ (AACU) survey of 318 employers across the country.

As a signatory of the AACU’s LEAP Employer-Educator Compact, Dr. Edward J. Yaw, president of County College of Morris, has joined the national effort to meet the demand for college graduates who possess a broad set of skills.

The AACU survey found that nearly all the employers agreed that the ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than what major a graduate selected,” said Yaw. “As educators we have a responsibility to ensure our students are not narrowly educated but rather are provided with a broad liberal arts education that prepares them for ongoing success and life-long learning.”

A majority of the employers also noted that it is important for employees to demonstrate a capacity for continued learning, along with ethical judgment and integrity.

More than 100 college presidents and more than 130 business and nonprofit leaders have signed the compact. The goal is to ensure that all college students at two-year and four-year institutions receive a quality liberal arts education that prepares them for work, life and citizenship. The compact also calls for expanding real-world learning as part of the college experience through such things as senior projects, research opportunities and internships.

For more information on the compact, go to http://www.aacu.org/leap/presidentstrust/compact/.