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CCM Students and Staff Work Together to Recycle VHS Tapes

More than 800 pounds of Plastic Saved from the Landfill
Students from the Green Student League at County College of Morris can take credit for saving more than 800 pounds of VHS tapes from ending up in a landfill. The student group conducted a program on campus to encourage people to pull their no-longer-viewed VHS tapes out of the closet and contribute them to a recycling drive.

VHS tapes are very difficult for people to recycle on their own, as many recycling companies do not take them. The Green Student League, however, was able to identify a company that would take the tapes in bulk.

The drive was organized by CCM student Jessica Forman of Long Valley, president of the Green Student League. One of the biggest contributors to the drive was the CCM library, which turned over more than 900 tapes. Mark Tolleson, associate director of the library, explained that the drive came at a particular opportune time as the library currently is in the process of upgrading its videos to DVD format. The Media Center at the college similarly donated a significant number of tapes to the drive. Other students, along with employees, also took advantage of the opportunity to lend new lives to their VHS tapes.

The tapes were brought to the recycling center on December 17. The center initially was going to give the student group a receipt with an estimated weight of 400 pounds, but then decided to take a more accurate weight for good measure. Turns, out 859 pounds of videotapes were recycled.

“We were pretty surprised with the total,” said Charles Lamb, director of operations for CCM’s Morristown location and advisor to the Green Student League. “The students and everyone who contributed to the drive should be really proud that there is now more than 800 pounds less of plastic that will end up in a landfill.”

Photo: VHS tapes donated by the County College of Morris library to the Green Student League recycling drive.