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CCM Campus Life Assistant Emily Guido Authors The Light Bearer Series

Book Signing to be Held March 4
At home on a winter day with snow falling gently outside and nothing pressing to do, Emily Guido of Wharton, a Campus Life assistant at County College of Morris (CCM), was hit with an inspiration. Two characters came to mind, one light and one dark, and an epic paranormal romance was born. Today, she is the author of five books, comprising The Light-Bearer Series.

Guido will be holding a book signing at the CCM campus store on Monday, March 4, from noon – 2 p.m.  The event is free and open to the public.

Earlier this month, she took part in a book signing in Birmingham, AL, at the invitation of her publisher, PDMI Direct Publishing Group (www.pdmidirect.com).

Her first novel, Charmeine, exploring whether romance can develop between a heavenly light-bearer and a hellish vampire blood-hunter, is rated number two on the Best Little-Known Authors and number 35 on the Best Independent Novels lists at Goodreads.com.

“I began writing Charmeine and a week later I had over a 100,000 words written,” says Guido. “Pictures of the characters and vivid descriptions just flew from my mind and through the keyboard.”

That book was soon followed by Mactus, Accendo, Seditious and Ransom. A sixth novel in the series, Conundrum, will be released this year.  Her books are available on Amazon.com.  A limited edition gold box set of her first three books also is available.

Guido earned her bachelor’s degree from Centenary College and is also pursuing her master’s in business administration there.

Additional information and excerpts from The Light-Bearer Series can be found at http://authoremilyguido.com.