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BASF Hires Second Intern from CCM

Matt Gole Excited to Work at World’s Leading Chemical Company - Posted 4/22/14
“I wasn't actively looking for an internship when this opportunity popped up,” says County College of Morris (CCM) biology student Matt Gole, 24, of Succasunna, about the opportunity to work as an intern at BASF. But when Dr. John Berger, associate professor of chemistry, encouraged him to apply, Gole knew he had to take advantage of the chance to gain some practical experience to supplement his college education.
This summer, he will serve as CCM’s second intern at BASF, working in catalysis research at the world’s leading chemical company.
Gole knew he wanted to obtain an internship but wasn’t actively looking because of his current employment situation. “I did not believe I could make it work with my current job's schedule, but as I learned more about BASF and the internship, I realized it would be an invaluable experience,” says Gole. “I did everything I could to make it happen.”
Gole was one of five CCM students selected by college faculty members to interview for the job. Overall, there were many students interviewing from several institutions and Gole was one of seven to get a position at BASF.
“I am honored to be chosen for a position with such a prestigious chemical company,” says Gole. “This opportunity will help me see how chemistry is applied in the professional setting.”
At BASF this summer, he will have the opportunity to work in one of several areas including fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) catalysts, industrial catalyst preparation and physical measurements, and the wet chemistry lab. “I am most interested in the wet chemistry lab position for experience with advanced laboratory instrumentation,” says Gole.
Although he is still deciding on exactly what career path to pursue, he knows the BASF internship will help guide him in the right direction by allowing him to gain insights into the world of chemistry by talking to professionals in the field.
After he graduates from CCM in May, Gole plans to continue his studies in chemistry at The College of New Jersey. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he hopes to attend graduate school and earn his doctorate degree. In his spare time, he enjoys applying his knowledge of chemistry and biology to his beer brewing hobby.
Along with Gole, several other CCM science students recently have participated in internships while earning their associate degree. This past summer, Tristan DeBona, of Randolph, served as CCM’s first student intern at BASF. Jhon Orozco, of Dover, was the college’s first intern at Elusys Therapeutics.
“With the experience I got at CCM and as a student aide in the biology and chemistry lab prep room, I am sure I will make the most of my time at BASF,” says Gole.
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Photo: Matt Gole, of Succasunna, biology major at County College of Morris (CCM), was recently selected as the second CCM student intern at BASF.
Credit: Bill SanFilippo