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Security Breach Notice

Steps Taken to Protect Privacy
On April 1, 2011, the Office of Financial Aid at County College of Morris (CCM) sent an electronic notice to 29 individuals encouraging them to complete their application process to the college in order to continue the financial aid process. During the email merge process, the names, addresses and social security numbers of all 29 individuals inadvertently were included in the email message that was sent to each individual.

Once CCM became aware of the matter, it immediately notified each of the 29 individuals detailing what had happened and informing them of the steps they should take to protect their identity. It also reached out to the Computer Crimes Investigation Division of the New Jersey State Police to alert it of the incident even though there has been no indication as of this point of any misuse of that confidential information. The college additionally has undertaken an internal investigation to determine what additional processes should be established to prevent future security breaches.

Questions regarding CCM’s privacy policies and procedures can be directed to the Office of Student Development & Enrollment Management at 973-328-5170 or