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Create a Salad Box Garden, Eat Healthy and Save Money

Another CCM How-To Video
Let’s be honest, eating healthy can be expensive. Seems as if everything good for you costs more than that bag of potato chips. But what if you could spend less and eat healthy by easily and conveniently growing your own greens? You can. As part of helping people to make good choices, County College of Morris (CCM) has produced a short video on “Creating a Salad Box.”

The video, produced by the CCM Media Center and Professor Brian Oleksak, chair of the Landscape and Horticulture Technology program, shows how to put together a box to grow salad, spinach and other greens. It’s a fun-and-easy project for individuals looking for a more healthy diet, for teaching children about the joys of gardening, and for growing a garden that can be kept out of the way of deer and other animals.

By using a box to grow salad and other greens, gardeners and would-be-gardeners also can extend the growing season by transporting their box indoors when the temperature dips down at night.

The video is the second in a series of “How-To” videos featuring CCM faculty members offering their expertise so viewers can learn “how-to-do-it” themselves. The first video shows how to make the easy but impressive dessert Cherries Jubilee.

The videos can be found on the CCM website at www.ccm.edu/videos and on YouTube.