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Career Makeover Workshop

From Home Maker to Certified Home Health Care Worker

This program provides services to displaced homemakers who are divorced, widowed, separated, abandoned or whose spouses have become disabled or unemployed. Are you unemployed? You may qualify for a Health Professions Opportunity Grant from the Federal Government. This Grant can enable you to acquire the training and skills leading to becoming certified as a Home Health Care Worker. The Training is made possible through a collaboration of County College of Morris, the Northeastern Health Professions Consortium and the Morris County One Stop Career Center. For more information regarding the program, contact Barbara McShane at (973) 328-5735.
Armed Forces Re-Entry Program  

Our servicemen and women possess strong leadership and other intangible skills, but many do not have the formal education, and industry recognized certification employers in the private sector seek. In fact, today, nearly 185,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are unemployed. To addressed this dilemma, the County College of Morris, The Northern New Jersey Health Professions Consortium along with the Morris County One Stop have joined together to offer returning veterans the Health Professions Opportunity Grant that provides the training and certifications necessary to reenter the workforce and specifically jobs in the health care industry. For more information regarding the program, contact Barbara McShane at (973) 328-5735.