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Nancy James

Nancy James

Hometown: Morristown
Major: New Pathways to Teaching
Alternate Route to Teacher Certification

Nancy James, a music teacher in the Paterson District Schools, knows what it means to have a vision and accomplish a goal.

“My goal from childhood was to be involved with the performing arts," she says."As I entered high school, I realized through the influence of wonderful teachers that being an educator was an avenue of the performing arts which would open doors for me as well as my students. Life took unexpected turns and I was unable to complete my degree at that time.”

After graduating from County College of Morris with an A.S. in Business and completing additional credits at CCM, she earned a B.A. in Music from Thomas Edison State College. She became an accomplished professional but still had not reached her goal of becoming an educator.

“Again, CCM was there to fulfill my dream with the New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey,”recalls James.

She found the program to be geared towards the working professional, allowing her to balance her professional, personal, family and educational responsibilities. And would she recommend CCM to others? “Yes,”again and again," she says. "I have referred high school students, adults, and my own family members to CCM.”

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