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Lisa Martone

Lisa Martone

Program: A.A. Broadcasting Arts & Technology
Class of: 2003
I started at CCM in the Fall of 2000. I knew when I started that I wanted to dive into broadcast journalism, so I majored in broadcasting. Before attending CCM, I knew very little about the business. My high school did not have any type of broadcasting or journalism classes at the time, so I was unaware of what would be expected of me if I entered the broadcasting field. My broadcasting classes with Professor Ray Kalas were the first time I received hands-on instruction.

I continued my education but as I look back what I learned in the broadcasting classes at CCM was so much more than what I learned at the four-year college I transferred to. For example, during my time at CCM I learned how to shoot video, edit, floor direct, work with audio, write for broadcasting, host a television segment, along with lighting techniques. As part of an independent study at CCM, I hosted the television production II show, Vox Populi. I learned interviewing skills, how to be natural in front of a camera, and how to run smoothly through a show.

Knowing these skills, and with some pushing from Professor Kalas to follow my dream of becoming an on-camera reporter, I continued to pursue a career in broadcasting. Currently, I am a reporter with the ABC affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa. I have been here for almost two years. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to cover many amazing stories, including covering the floods of 2010 that swept across the Midwest, for ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.

What I learned in the media classes at CCM was extremely valuable to my career. The staff and courses really gave me the education and confidence to pursue the career I am currently in and loving.