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Jon Farrell

Jon Farrell

Program: Fine Arts
Class of: 2012

"It’s typical for young children to draw on the wall," says Jon Farrell, Caldwell, who graduated from County College of Morris (CCM) in 2012 with an Associate of Fine Arts. "But when my mother saw that what I had drawn was not stick figures but a person with a torso, arms and legs, she took a picture of it to save the image before she painted over it."

Both his parents worked for state parks, so he was exposed early on to elaborate landscaping, sculptures and paintings at venues like Ringwood Manor. His grandparents also took him to museums, philharmonic concerts and ballet productions.

"That early exposure to the arts was very inspiring," he says. It was a natural progression to eventually major in fine arts.

"When you first start at CCM, it’s almost like Alice in Wonderland," he says." You’re inquisitive, so you jump down the rabbit hole to build a better understanding of the foundational tools of art. It’s only then that you begin to get an idea of how deep the rabbit hole goes. As you mature as an artist, you refine those tools to express your artistic vision."

This fall, Farrell enrolled at the prestigious Tyler School of Art at Temple University with the goal of earning a Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts.

During his time at CCM, he participated in several shows and exhibits. "The positive reception my work received encouraged me to further develop my abilities and pursue my goals," he says.

He first attended CCM in 2001 but had to drop out to work. "When I came back in 2009, I returned because I enjoyed art. The professors inspired me to pursue art as a career and encouraged me to work toward getting my Master in Fine Arts," he says.

"I’ve had small shows in the past, which is something I would like to develop further. Eventually, I would like to be a working artist, showing and selling my pieces in galleries."

Art throughout the ages has been an extension of society, he adds. "As my education in art progresses, I will have a greater understanding of the past and the times in which we live, and those influences will manifest themselves through my artwork."