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Igor Gorlach

Igor Gorlach

Program: Public Administration
Class of: 2005

What does it take to go from CCM to Harvard Law School? FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, former CCM student Igor Gorlach has a simple formula. Know what you want and pursue it with a vengeance! With an interest in public administration and policy, Igor began plotting his strategy as soon as he arrived at CCM in May 2004.

First, he volunteered to work in the Morristown Court system where he experienced the legal system first hand and watched how policies are made. “It’s important to understand how the real world works while you’re still in school,” explained Igor. “Life should never revolve just around school. Rather, school should be one of the puzzle pieces that play a part in your life. You should know why you’re getting a degree.”


By the time Igor left CCM in May 2005, he had earned 50 credits in a 12-month period. Oh! Let’s not forget to mention his 4.0 GPA. Igor is still focused and currently a student at Harvard Law School.