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Andrew Bansch

Andrew Bansch

Hometown: Hackettstown
Major: Clinical Psychology

Andrew Bansch was like many students who start their higher education at County College of Morris (CCM): ready to start college but not quite sure of his future direction. With the help of a CCM professor and a growing interest in the workings of the human mind, however, he soon found his way.

During his first psychology course, he got the push he needed from his teacher, Professor John Williford.

"The first semester, I was experimenting, taking a few classes. He (Williford) said by the end of the semester I would be going for psychology," recalls Bansch. In a way, Williford was wrong – it only took half the semester for Bansch to decide he wanted to study clinical psychology. Bansch became completely fascinated by the human mind and wanted to learn more about its mysteries.

In high school, he did not have a lot of exposure to psychology. Instead, he spent some of his extra time acting. It is easy for him now to see the connection between his interests. Acting offered him the chance to explore different characters and personalities, and it takes the same sorts of skills to understand the psychology and motivations of other people, he explains.

Despite his acting experience, Bansch says he was shy before attending CCM. A strong interest in his college coursework, coupled with encouragement from his professors and fellow students, has helped him become more outgoing.

"I’ve made some amazing friends," he says. "The people I’ve gotten to know and hang out with have helped me come out of my shell."

At CCM, he also has excelled as a student, earning the Alumni Scholarship four semesters in a row for a total of $2,000. As someone who is paying for college himself, Bansch says that the scholarships have allowed him to reduce the number of hours he needs to work each semester so he can better focus on his studies. "The scholarships have helped out a great deal.They certainly have lightened the financial load."

Following his graduation from CCM, he plans to pursue his bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology at Rutgers University. Ideally, he hopes to practice psychology in the field of marriage counseling.