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Nancy Braithwaite

Nancy Braithwaite

Hometown: Long Valley
Major: Continuing Education for School Nurses
Earn Your Continuing Education Credits at CCM

Nancy Braithwaite is the school nurse at Old Farmers Road School in Long Valley. She helps children in many ways as a practitioner, advocate, health educator, liaison, communicator and healthcare provider.
“It is rewarding to assist children in maintaining optimal wellness for academic success,” says Braithwaite.
Braithwaite received her RN at Clara Mass School of Nursing and BSN and Certificate in School Nursing from Jersey City State. Her career includes hospital nursing, nursing administration and school nursing. She also is president of the Morris County School Nurse Association. In this role, she consults with CCM to develop continuing education programs that meet the needs and requests of school nurses.
School nurses have to obtain 30 continuing education hours every two years. CCM provides these courses through its Division of Corporate and Community programs.
Braithwaite has taken a number of these courses at CCM. “The School Health Programs at CCM have provided and increased my knowledge base in various school related health fields and enriched my school nurse practice with every course/workshop I have taken," she says.