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Robert Ruiz

Robert Ruiz

Program: Liberal Arts
Class of: 2009
Robert began his education at CCM in the Fall 2007. Robert graduated CCM in the Fall 2009 and transferred to Caldwell College to complete his bachelor’s degree in psychology. He credits CCM and the Educational Opportunity Fund for providing a strong academic foundation and equipping him for a successful career. Robert is also interested in possibly pursuing a degree in law.

During his time at CCM, Robert has been an active participant in the EOF program and has had a mentoring relationship with psychology Professor, John Williford. The keys to his academic experience here at CMM have been to make connections with his instructors, other students, and using very important time management skills. In addition to school Robert works 2 part-time jobs and practices martial arts. He works with youth at his church as a teacher and mentor.
His advice for current and future students is, “Try hard, to your very limits, when you have reached your limits, break through them and become more than you could have ever imagined.”