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Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams

Hometown: Budd Lake
Major: Graphic Design

CCM Education Leads to a More Rewarding Career Path

Marshall Williams, 37, grew up in Paterson and, unfortunately, got caught up in his share of “setbacks and mistakes.” Looking to turn his life around, he earned his GED, but found he was unable to afford college. He then turned to truck driving, which provided his young family with a decent paycheck but offered him little intellectual stimulation.

The world of truck driving also has begun to change, he notes. Companies are now testing automated semis with the goal of eliminating the cost of drivers. As a result, driving no longer looks like a field that can carry someone through to retirement. So Williams began looking for other options. With the support of his wife, Tracy, he enrolled at County College of Morris (CCM) to major in graphic design.

“I gave up trucking and came to school full time. It’s been a bit of hardship for the family, but we’re also grateful that I’m now pursuing something I’m passionate about,” says Williams.

In his early thirties, he had dabbled in graphic design and created a t-shirt company, American Flyboy, selling his creations to friends and family. He gave up that business, however, so he could focus on his studies and gain the additional skills he needs to succeed in the field.

As a result of attending CCM, Williams adds, he has been provided with the knowledge and confidence he needs to make a living in his chosen field. He plans to start building a career in graphic design once he earns his associate degree and then, hopefully, go on to earn his bachelor’s degree. While taking classes at CCM, he has been able to make good progress on the professional front, as he has both worked part time for a firm that produces custom signs for supermarkets and interned at a graphic design firm.

“The professors at CCM are real leaders in their fields and I’ve been learning more than I ever expected,” he says. “I feel really grateful that I’ve received the preparation I need to develop a career in a field that really interests me.”