Dear New CCM Student:


Congratulations on your decision to attend the County College of Morris. As a new CCM student, you are expected to participate in “FYI: First Year Information,” a special orientation program for our new CCM students. If you have already completed the Orientation Program, you can use this site as a refresher.
The “FYI: First Year Information” program is available on-line via BlackBoard:

  • Log into BlackBoard
  • Select: New Student Orientation under Courses
  • Select: Learning Modules & Begin
  • After completing each Learning Modules, Print the NSO certificate.
  • Bring the NSO Certificate to Campus Life, SCC 226, for your Campus Life lanyard.
  • Your New Student Orientation is complete, Congratulations!


The FYI Program focuses on acquainting you with different CCM departments that will be especially helpful to you during your first few weeks as a new student. You will also have the chance to hear returning and former students give their insights about being a County College of Morris student.

We look forward to helping you get your CCM college career off to a great start.

The CCM New Student Orientation Staff


Get the latest FYI updates –  link to our FYI New Student Orientation Facebook page HERE.



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