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Individual Personal Counseling

Students have said that they find it helpful to talk with someone, in a confidential
environment, who is outside their circle of friends and family, and, therefore, can be objective.

Students have said that this helps them to learn to:

  • sort out life issues
  • understand themselves
  • develop confidence
  • express emotions appropriately
  • communicate effectively
  • make healthy decisions
  • problem solve
  • enhance relationships
  • assume responsibility for their lives
  • develop and pursue life goals
  • assist with educational planning

This process of self-understanding and emotional growth occurs within the context of students' unique personalities and dreams.  Students acquire the skills and insights to better prepare them to face the challenges of life beyond this counseling experience and beyond County College of Morris.

Some specific issues that students come to the Counseling Office to discuss are:

  • self-esteem, stress management
  • anxiety, depression
  • relationships, family issues
  • bereavement, divorce, trauma
  • anger management
  • substance abuse, eating disorders
  • sexual harassment, sexual assault
  • dating violence, domestic violence
  • dealing with physical disability
  • dealing with chronic psychiatric illness
  • suicidal/homicidal thinking and behavior
  • test taking/studying strategies
  • time management
  • sexual and gender identity

Additional Resources

In some cases, referrals are made to resources outside of County College of Morris.

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