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Insurance Requirements

New Jersey State Law requires that all full-time students and part-time Nursing, Veterinary Tech and Allied Health Professional students enrolled at County College of Morris carry health insurance that provides basic hospitalization coverage as part of a sickness plan. Students are required to present proof that they have the required medical coverage. Accident insurance through the college is also required of all full-time students.

The college provides a group policy from Bollinger that provides the required coverage. The premium is added automatically to your tuition bill. If you are covered by another policy and do not wish to be included in the college’s sickness plan, you must indicate that on a Sickness Insurance Statement. The statement must be completed and returned with your tuition payment regardless of whether or not you wish to be included in the college plan. The mandatory Accident plan, which is required by the college, is also added to your bill and may NOT be waived.

We are concerned about the skyrocketing cost of health care and believe that these plans offer the type of financial protection to you that would be needed in the event of hospitalization, surgery or injury. The same coverage is available to part time students at their option.

Insurance Claim Procedure

Written notice of claim must be given to Bollinger within 90 days after expense is incurred or as soon as reasonably possible.

One claim form is required per sickness and or accident. These are obtained in Health Services, room B-222. If you are seen by the nurse this will be considered your first visit if further referral is needed. You may also click here for a claim form.

A claim form is required with the initial claim. Additional bills that need to be submitted after the initial claim need to include your name, address, and the name County College of Morris. It is advisable that copies are made of everything that is sent.

Send claims to:

PO Box 727
Short Hills, NJ 07078-0727

Telephone inquiries may be directed to 1-800-526-1379

CLICK HERE to visit the Bollinger website. 
Do NOT send bills to the college.

The college is not responsible for any expenses which exceed the limits of policy payments. A remaining balance should be submitted to the student’s personal insurance carrier.

Health Services Office

Cohen Hall 266
Hours: Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.