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Cooperative Education in Business

A cooperative education work experience in business is an optional course offering to Business Administration and Business Career majors. It carries a total of four credits, three for the work experience and one for a related class, which can be applied as a business elective or a free elective toward your degree.

  • A business co-op is a paid position with a minimum work requirement of 300 hours over a semester.
  • Under special situations, an unpaid business internship may be approved.  A minimum of 150 hours of work is required. 


  • Matriculated in Business Administration or Business Career at County College of Morris as a full-time or part-time student (unfortunately visiting students are not eligible)
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Have finished the the majority of your course work and are nearing completion of your CCM degree.
The Process

  1. If you are unsure of your eligibility (basic guidelines above), visit the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education, Cohen Hall 203.
  2. Visit your Co-op Faculty Advisor for his/her approval signature on the application.  Please check with the Office of Career Services to identify the appropriate advisor for your participating semester.
  3. Return signed application with a resume (assistance with a resume is available) to the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education for referrals and interviews.** 
  4. Registration for co-op/intern credits upon securing a position.  The Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education will open a seat for you in the appropriate sections.  Registration prior to securing a job is not available.
*A student who wishes to pursue credit in their major for an unpaid internship may be eligible for a "Special Topics in Business" course.  Visit the Business Department for more information.

**NOTE:  If you are currently employed in a position in which a significant number of your duties are related to your academic major, you may be able to use this job for co-op credits.  In lieu of a resume, an Additional Duties Form must be completed to identify your current duties and goals for your co-op semester.  This form must be signed by your Co-op Faculty Advisor as well as your employer.  The work must take place during the semester you register for the co-op credits.   

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