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A Day In The Life.

Ah, the lazy days of summer are over and days spent down the Jersey Shore are just happy, distant memories as the fall semester is now underway. It's now time to get serious and to get all A’s (or at least B’s) in your classes! So, what's a typical day like during this very hectic – yet exciting - time at CCM?


In the morning, after you fight traffic on Route 10 and eventually find a parking spot (in Lot #6, if you're really lucky; Lot #1 and ‘Cardiac Hill’ if you're not, as during the first few weeks trying to find a decent parking spot can be a real adventure), you start your day with a caramel macchiato with your new classmates at the LRC Starbucks Cafe. After enjoying your hot beverage while discussing the recent new student orientation program (who knew that so many Roxbury High School graduates were coming to CCM this year?), on your way out you stop by the LRC Gallery to view the new graphic art exhibition. You then head out the door of the building, making your way across campus, past the Longo Planetarium (the shows there are awesome) to the lower level of DeMare Hall, where you once again try to find your Psychology class. Being successful in your quest, you settle in for today’s lecture. After class, you stop by the newly renovated 'Cohen Cafe' for a quick pick-me-up snack (and another coffee too). Then, it's on to your next class – Sociology - in Henderson Hall. 

Your first two classes being over, you take a break in the Student Center's popular TV Lounge by playing a game (or two) of NFL Madden 17 in preparation for the upcoming video game tournament. Then it’s off to your next two classes: Music Theory and Drawing, after which you have an appointment with your Sociology professor during her office hour to discuss the upcoming class project.

You're almost finished for the day, but not before you have a rehearsal for the upcoming performance of the CCM musical “West Side Story” with your fellow Performing Arts cast members in the Student Center’s Dragonetti Auditorium (and next to the new Music Technology Center – what a great facility!). After the demanding rehearsal, you head off to the Sheffield Hall study lounge. There you settle down for some serious studying, as you want to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA so that you can get into Phi Theta Kappa, CCM's prestigious honor society. 


You see, at CCM we encourage you to maximize your college experience. Life at the County College of Morris can be exhilarating. You'll hear a lot of laughter and great conversation, all across campus. CCM students enjoy belonging to one (or more) of our student clubs, or going to concerts and CCM Titan athletic contests, or playing on an intramural team with friends, or just relaxing out in the sun on our beautiful campus.

Going to class is just part (albeit the most important part) of what college is about. College is the time for you to meet new people, to explore your interests, and to have a lot of new and different experiences. At CCM you have endless opportunities to do what interests you. So, get involved - get the most out your college experience. Like most other CCM students, you'll be glad you did.


Today's To-Do List

  • Item 1:  LRC Cafe
  • Item 2:  Psychology
  • Item 3:  Cohen Cafe
  • Item 4:  TV Lounge
  • Item 5:  Music Theory
  • Item 6:  Drawing
  • Item 7: Meet w Prof
  • Item 8: Rehearsal
  • Item 9:  STUDY!

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