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The Titan Alert

The Titan Alert is the emergency alert system used by County College of Morris (CCM) to send email, text messages and/or voice phone messages to students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency or weather-related closing. The service provider for the system is Send Word Now, the leading company offering on-demand alerting and incident response.

The Titan Alert supplements the extensive resources in place on campus to help ensure a safe and secure environment. Those services include the emergency phones, the sirens and paging system located throughout the campus, and the video surveillance system for all public spaces, along with CCM homepage website alerts.

The advantage the Titan Alert provides is that it allows college officials to quickly communicate emergency situations both to people who are on campus and those who may be off campus at the time of an event warranting an alert. It also allows the college to present the recommended course of action if required, whether that might be to remain in place, evacuate a building or some other action.

The Titan Alert also is used on a very limited basis for non-emergency notifications, such as when a group of students are about to be dropped from their courses because of non-payment of their tuition bills.

Each semester, students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to change their preferred method or methods of contact. Individuals can select up to 10 ways to be contacted, including having a notice to a spouse, partner, parent, child or someone else. The only limitation regarding points of contact is that faculty and staff should NOT use their CCM office phone number as a point of contact. If too many people select campus phone lines, the telephone system would not be able to handle the large volume generated by a Titan Alert.

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