Providing an Easier Way for Students to Find What They Need – Posted 7/14/14

County College of Morris (CCM) has launched its first online catalog to provide students with an easier way to find what they need to apply to the college, decide on a major and determine their course of study.

The online catalog can be found at Its launch coincides with the enrollment period for the 2014 Fall Semester, which is currently taking place.

“The online catalog will transform the way students and others utilize and search the catalog, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for,” noted Dr. Edward J. Yaw, CCM president. “From an administrative and efficiency standpoint, it also will streamline the process of updating the catalog each year to help ensure that it is as accurate as possible.”

Some distinct features built into the catalog are the ability to search based on course and program titles, by course numbers and key words; to see the programs of study each course applies to; and to print PDFs of pages on demand. Currently, the college’s entire credit catalog is incorporated into the new format. CCM also is working to include its non-credit professional development and adult and youth enrichments programs into the catalog, which it expects to be live by the end of the year.

The catalog was produced with Leepfrog Technologies, a leader in higher education software, through its CourseLeaf product. With the publication of the online catalog, CCM joins an impressive list of Leepfrog clients, including Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University.