Trevor Florio Saw a Need and Wanted to Fill It – Posted 7/15/14

With a passion for math, music and computer science, Trevor Florio of Long Valley, a computer science major at County College of Morris (CCM), enjoys discovering the patterns of things and then creating his own.

His most recent creation is an Android mobile app that he developed to provide current and prospective CCM students with a way to find key information about the college on their mobile devices.

“The thing is most students don’t want to go to a computer and a website. They want to be able to find what they need on their mobile devices,” says Florio.

The County College of Morris app he developed provides information on academic majors, course descriptions, contact information for department chairs, college policies, café hours and menus, and more. Basically, all the essentials students are interested in.

“I developed it from the perspective of a student. I’m hearing students talk about what they are looking for, and I know what they are thinking because I’m one of them,” says Florio.

To develop the app, he taught himself how to work with the Android Software Development Kit and in three months was able to complete and launch the County College of Morris app in Google Play Store.

Asked what prompted him to develop the app, Florio explains, “I like finding a need and filling that need. That’s definitely what I go for, especially if it’s something I could use.”

For his next project, he would like to develop a game, “something really good, simple and casual.”

Along with his studies at CCM, Florio tutors other computer science students at the college and currently is working as an intern at Gráfica Group, a marketing agency, designing websites and developing back-end systems.

Through his internship, Florio says, he has discovered how well his CCM education and professors have prepared him for the real world. “What I have learned as a computer science student is very applicable.”

He expects to complete his associate degree next Fall Semester and hopes to then enroll at Rutgers University to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His ideal job, he says, would be a place “where I have the freedom and support to play with ideas and develop solutions on a large scale.”

Photo: Rick Burchfield