Exploring Today’s Most Challenging Social Issues – Posted 2/17/15

For those seeking an encore of the original play “The Park Bench” and for those who did not get to see it when it debuted at County College of Morris (CCM) in January, it is now available on the college’s YouTube channel at http://youtu.be/6rFZoH0JUlI.

Written by Alexander J. Kucsma, associate professor of English at CCM, the play explores the social issues that challenge society today, including gun control, gay marriage, and heterosexual love and marriage. The issues are presented around the simple plot of an older man offering advice about love to a young woman and man.

“While the message of the play is that the rediscovery of the old principles of love can lead to happiness, the play provides a counterpoint to contemporary liberal thought given by a delightful old man who loves to sing Cole Porter songs,” says Kucsma, who writes under the name of John Glennville.

The play was directed by Chase Newhart, of New Providence. Appearing in the play are Robert Mackaset, of Mendham, as Sam; Peter Kendall, of Bloomfield, as Phillip; and Lauren Klemp, of Montville, as Katherine.

“The Park Bench” was presented at CCM in association with Eric Hafen, artistic director of The Bickford Theatre.