Featuring Works Created by Students, Faculty and Staff During the Pandemic

black and white photo of woman with face mask

“Failed Response,” photo taken by Luna Wroblewski, of Kinnelon, a CCM student

The Art and Design Gallery at County College of Morris (CCM) is holding a virtual exhibition, Inexorable Creators, featuring works created by students, faculty and staff during the pandemic and nationwide protests. The exhibition can be found at http://bit.ly/Fall2020Exhibit/.

“Inexorable Creators documents a historical moment, which is a peculiar time in the lives of college students and their educators,” says Hrvoje Slovenc, photography professor and curator of the exhibition. “While organizing this exhibition, the idea of isolation naturally came to mind. However, I wanted to broaden the stay-at-home isolation to include cultural isolation, geographical isolation, isolation caused by social stigmas, isolation from one’s family or a complete lack of family, the space between the real and the virtual, intrusion of privacy and death as the ultimate form of isolation.”

The exhibition includes the work of 73 students, professors and staff from nine academic departments from the college’s three schools, the School of Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies, the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Health Professions and Natural Sciences. The works include written works, ethical questions, documentaries, multimedia works, dance performances, photography, game design, digital paintings, a documentation of a community service project, videos, web design, app design, multidisciplinary projects, graphic design, drawings, representations of 3D objects and a virtual reality interactive tour.