Hybrid, Online and Remote Formats to Study Close to Home

female studetn with long dark hair weating a face mask with CCM logoCounty College of Morris (CCM) is providing students with a number of options for how they can take their courses this Spring Semester so they can keep moving forward with their higher education.

The college currently is enrolling students for the spring and has built in a high level of flexibly to make it easier for them to pursue their goals. Students enrolling this spring will be able to select courses that are being offered in one of three formats: hybrid, remote and online.

Hybrid Courses consist of a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and remote or online sessions. This may include some on-campus labs with remote lecture, reduced in-classroom time or other instructional designs that meet the needs of the course materials.

Remote Courses are similar to those taught in a classroom in that they require students to meet online with their professor on specific days and times.

Online Courses do not require students to log in on specific days and times, allowing them to set their own schedule for performing their classwork.

To limit the number of people on campus, the majority of classes are being offered in the online and remote formats.

Students enrolling this spring also can select from a number of terms, ranging from 2 Week to 15 Week sessions. Students can search for courses and the format they prefer at  https://titansdirect.ccm.edu/Student/Courses/. Use the Advanced Search feature to select one of the terms being offered this spring:

  • 15 Week – January 20 – May 11
  • Early Start 2 Week – January 20 – February 2
  • Early Finish 7 Week – January 20 – March 9
  • Mid Start 2 Week – February 3 – February 16
  • 13 Week – February 3 – May 11
  • Late Start 2 Week – February 17 – March 2
  • Late Start 7 – March 24 – May 11

New students first need to apply to the college before registering for classes. For more information, go to www.ccm.edu/spring-2021/.