Don’t Just Use Technology, Create It to Build a Better Tomorrow

young woman with long red hair working on a laptop

Ever wonder what makes that app work and if you could do something similar? Or perhaps you would like to know how to solve problems better and faster by developing an attention for detail? No matter your age, what field you are in or plan to pursue, knowing how to code can provide a distinct advantage.

To help people get started, the County College of Morris (CCM) Department of Information Technologies (IT) and Computer Science Club will host a free virtual “Hour of Code: Coding for Good” event on Tuesday, December 8, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. Registration is required at

Workshops will be offered in app, web and game development and more. Beginners are welcome.

“Everyone can code,” notes CCM IT Professor Nancy Binowski. “Learning to code is not just for those who want to work in IT. Everyone can benefit as it helps to develop your problem solving skills as you learn to pay attention to detail and exercise your creativity. As Steve Jobs said, “it teaches you how to think.’”

The CCM session is being offered as part of the annual Hour of Code program that takes place around the world each December to demystify coding and show that anyone can learn the basics.

To learn more about the IT programs offered at CCM, go to