Explore How You Can Tap into a World of Discovery

Engineering equipmentHigh school students and adults looking for a new career will have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of engineering – a profession where you get to design and build, solve problems and improve the world – at the Engineering E3 Day being held at County College of Morris (CCM).

Engineering E3 Day takes place Thursday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided. However, space is limited so early registration is strongly encouraged. To register, go to www.ccm.edu/engineering-day-registration/. Participants will have the opportunity to experience various disciplines within engineering.

“Students will learn about and take part in some hands-on activities in the electronics and embedded systems Professor working with students in an engineering classengineering taught in our Electronics Engineering Technology program,” says Professor G. Nicholas Aska from the Department of Engineering Technologies/Engineering Science at CCM. “A few examples of the sort of things engineers are working on today are artificial intelligence, electric and self-driving cars and robotics. Other technologies that have been with us for some time are cell phones and computers, all have electronics at their core.”

Specifically, those attending Engineering E3 Day will get to:

  • Explore the labs, equipment, tools and simulation software in the college’s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Center
  • Experiment with circuit development and software programming
  • Experience what it’s like to learn engineering through workshops and activities
  • Learn about career paths, hear from current students and gain an understanding of the enrollment process

Engineering is a popular, in-demand profession with prestige. According to Glassdoor’s Best Jobs in American list, engineers hold eight of the top 15 job titles. The career options are varied, including engineering technician, biomedical technologist, machine learning engineer, software engineer, civil engineer and more. Not only is there a strong demand for engineers, but the salaries are also impressive. The average salary for an engineer in New Jersey is $81,000, which is 29 percent higher than the national average, while engineers with 10 years of experience in the state earn about $96,000, according to Indeed.

To learn more about the Electronics Engineering Technology programs at CCM, visit http://bit.ly/Engineeringtechdept/. For questions about Engineering EDay, email gaska@ccm.edu.